LEROY is Leneda's twinn brother.  He represent a 10 year old little boy. 

LEROY is 11" tall, made of high quality vinyl with hand painted details.  He is offered in three different skin tones. Leroy dolls are offered as basic, dressed, or special event dolls.  Some are offered on regular bodies, others on articulated bodies, and many on both. 

Below you will find all currently available Leroy dolls.

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10000000654 2009 - BASIC DOLLS - LEROY - MEDIUM
  • $48.00US
10000000651-576c17f66c57c5.42731 2009 - BASIC DOLLS - LEROY - LIGHT
  • $48.00US
10000000655 2009 - BASIC DOLLS - LEROY - DARK
  • $48.00US