If you have a question, do not hesitate to ASK !


Q: When is LOULOU going to be available on the website ?
A: Loulou is being released at the Broome County Doll Club Luncheon on October 27th 2016.  Attendees and absentees registered for the luncheon will receive an exclusive Loulou Dressed Doll ( see UPCOMING EVENTS ).  Soon after the event, three basic Loulou dolls will be offered on the website. 

Q: What is the MY ACCOUNT menu item for ?
A: This new website allows customers to create an account.  Once you create an account and use it to login the system will remember your name, billing/shipping address, will show your orders and their status, etc.  You can create an account at any time.  Note that you need an account to be able to place an order.  Creating an account is 100% secure as it does not ask/record any payment information.

Q: How can I signup to receive your NEWSLETTER ?
A: I am looking at integrating the previous mailing list into this new platform.  In the mean time you can contact me to request being added to the mailing.  Soon there will be a specific menu option for it.

Q: Are you going to continue your LOOK WHAT I'VE FOUND page ?
A: YES ! On this new website the LOOK WHAT I'VE FOUND items will be listed under the ON SALE menu items.  These items will have a "LAST CHANCE !" banner instead of a "ON SALE" banner.  It will mean I only have LIMITED STOCKS for those items.  The quantity available will be listed and the item will show OUT OF STOCK when the last one is purchased.  Each "LAST CHANCE !" item will also be listed in its regular category ( Dolls in Dolls, Outfits in ... ) to make them more visible.  But the ON SALE page is where you will see them all.