Affordable Designs will launch a BRAND NEW 13" DOLL LINE in 2021 

That's it... that my big announcement!

I have been writing and re-writing this page for the last few days.  As you know I am a man of many words.  I like to talk and talk some more and I write in the same way.  But there will be plenty of occasions for me to share in length the reasons behind this business decision, to describe the processes, to present the vision of it all.  Today I just want to announce that although I have been toying with the idea for a few years already, this brand new 13" doll line is already in the work and will be available in 2021.


I could write pages and pages of information about this new line but I will give you time to absorb the news.  From time to time I will "tease" about it... that will never change.  But for now, I will answer a few questions that I am certain will come to the minds of all Leeann collectors.

Q: IS THIS THE END OF LEEANN? A: Absolutely not!

Q: WILL MAURANNE FIT IN LEEANN'S WORLD? A: If you want her to, yes!

Q: IS "M" THE NEW "L" IN DOLL NAMES? A: Yes, Mauranne's best friend is Magali.

Q: THOSE NAMES SOUND VERY FRENCH. A: ... very perceptive. LOL

Q: WHY IS IT A SEPARATE LINE? A: Because... you will see.

Q: WILL THIS NEW DOLL LINE BE AFFORDABLE? A: YES, it is from Affordable Designs!

That's it!  That is my big announcement.  I am producing a new doll line after being closed for half the year during a world pandemic... how nuts is that?  Certainly not the safest move financially.

But you can help!

 For a limited time only, I am offering you a way to safely invest some of your dolly dollars and get 25% more instantly.  




Think of the INVESTMENT CERTIFICATE as a STORE CREDIT or a GIFT CERTIFICATE with an investment return of 25%.

Here is how it works... starting now and until January 15, 2021, you can place money in an INVESTMENT CERTIFICATE of $25, $50, $75, or $100 and it will automatically "inflate" to 25% more and show up as a credit on your Affordable Designs' Account.

( $25 becomes $31.25, $50 becomes $62.50, $75 becomes $93.75. $100 becomes $125 )

Just like a "gift certificate" those credits are yours to spend as you please as soon as the main website reopens on February 1st, 2021.  You can spend it on new orders for dolls, outfits, shoes, fabrics right away or you can wait for the new 13" MAURANNE line to be available.  They are your investment certificate(s).  You can buy as many of these as you want... hint! hint!


Funny you should ask... just CLICK HERE or look for the new INVESTMENT CERTIFICATE category on the home page of the website.

Denis Bastien ( Leeann and Mauranne's Dad )