A few words about


First and foremost understand that AFFORDABLE DESIGNS - CANADA is located... well... in Canada. This means that we have been using CANADA POST to ship all of our parcels since the very beginning...  UNTIL NOW!


Starting OCTOBER 2020 we will be shipping from two different locations based on the parcel's destination.  One in Louisiana, USA, and the other in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada where our main "office" is.

All USA ORDERS will now ship from our USA location while all CANADIAN and INTERNATIONAL ORDERS will ship from our Canadian location.

For Canadian and USA orders our SHIPPING/HANDLING rates have been adjusted to $10.95 US - $15.95 US ( an increase of $2.00 US, our first increase in 15 years ).  These base rates are relative to the size/weight of your combined items.  Accordingly, a higher shipping/handling fee might be required for extra-large/heavy orders.

International orders will have shipping/handling charges specific to their country, based on the safest/insured shipping rate available with a $2.00 US handling surcharge.

We understand these new shipping/handling rates may not be best for people wanting to purchase a single pair of shoes.  Please understand Affordable Designs - Canada is a tiny, tiny online doll company and is not really set up to accommodate "one single item orders".  These orders are welcome but our minimum shipping/handling charge will be applied.


Thank you for understanding,

Denis Bastien