The doll world is changing by the minute.  The world is changing by the minute.  So the way we do business also change and must be reflected down the food chain.

Sooooooo.....  I must announce that come July 1st 2018 most of the prices on the AFFORDABLE DESIGNS - CANADA website will be "adjusted" to reflect the cost of manufacturing, the fluctuations in the US exchange, as well as the volume of sales experienced in recent times.

As you know I have always tried to keep my prices as low as possible.  Always limited my business to direct sales in order to save customers the extra level of increase, kept my business a one-man-show to save on overhead, etc.

I have no regrets whatsoever as to how I did things.  In fact I am so proud of it.  My plan was never to make money but to keep my business afloat, allow myself to continue creating, and bring my work to the people at the best price possible... thus Affordable Designs - Canada !

Looking at Leeann and Friends there has been only one other instance when I did bring the retail prices up a bit.  Only once in 13 years.  But  on July 1st 2018 I must do it again.

I will be "gentle".  Dolls will go to $50.00 ( from $45.00 ), shoes will go to $9.50 ( from $8.50 ).  The new prices will be applied to all stock, old and new.

Patterns will not see an increase in price.

Outfits... oye... outfits are the difficult ones.  Production costs for outfits has constantly increased every year since 2005.  Yet I could not justify adjusting the retail prices accordingly.  There is a reason why most doll companies offered only dressed dolls.  There is very little profit margins on outfits.  So I will have to be "extra gentle" when assigning retail prices to new outfits as I must continue to keep it possible for your dolls to get clothes.  Previous outfit prices will not change.  Only new outfits will be prices according to today's production costs.

So what I would suggest is... shop, shop, shop before July 1st, 2018. 

( That is the part of the business I do not like.  The business part. )


Denis Bastien ( Leeann’s Dad )