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These eyeglasses/sunglasses are FRAGILE.  They are made to scale which required 1/16" acrylic material.  They look great... but they are fragile. They need to be handled with care.  They are not a toy but a tiny prop for your tiny dolls.  The sides have been designed with a point as to enter the hair with the least resistance.  They insert easily into rooted hair.  You must be a bit more carefull when putting those onto a wigged doll as the row of hair and/or the glue used to apply the wig could create resistance.  Due to the affordable price and this warning WE WILL NOT REPLACE ANY BROKEN ITEMS UNLESS IT CAN BE PROVEN THEY ARRIVED BROKEN.  We will be shipping them in a protective jewelry box so there should be no issues.

Made of 1/16" thick acrylic and laser cut in modules ( frame, sides, and lenses ) and assembled to your specifications during a 24hrs process.  The longer sides have been designed to fit different doll sculpt and be easily inserted in the doll's hair which will provide stability. 

INITIAL RELEASE : each pair of eyeglasses/sunglasses will be assembled based on your specifications.  As this is a new concept the initial demand may be high.  We will proceed with assembly as efficiently as possible.  There might be a wait period before we can get to your order.  Such wait period should not exceed a week as we have cleared our calendar to devote full days to processing the initial demand.  You will receive a shipping notice once your order is on its way from which point standard shipping time will apply.

SHIPPING : these will be shipped in small jewelry boxes for protection.  If ordered alone the shipping for 1 or 15 pairs of eyeglasses/sunglasses will be subject to our basic $8.95 US shipping.  Added to an outfit or a doll order these will be shipped along without affecting the shipping cost.

  • $4.75US


Includes :

  • each pair sold separately 
  • you pick the size, the colour of the frame, the colour of the sides, the colour of the lenses
  • assembled based on your specifications
  • SIZE A (1 3/8" - 3.5cm wide ) fit all Leeann and Friends, also fit most 16" fashion dolls.
  • SIZE B (1 3/4" - 4.5cm wide ) fit 13" Little Darlings and similar dolls.
  • various components ( flames, sides ) currently available in CLEAR, BLACK, and WHITE.
  • lenses currently available in CLEAR ( eyeglasses ) and OPAQUE BLACK ( subglasses ).



  • SIZE
    A - 1 3/8" - 3.5cm wide, B - 1 3/4" - 4.5cm wide
    Clear, Black, White
    Clear, Black, White
    Clear ( Eyeglasses ), Black ( Sunglasses )